Photography Classes


I hear it all the time.  “I have a really nice camera.  Why don’t my pictures look better?”

It’s simple.  You haven’t learned how to use your camera properly.   There is a science to taking great photographs, but it’s not rocket science.  And with a little bit of effort you can dramatically improve the quality of your pictures too.

My classes are designed for those who want to take their cameras off the “automatic” setting and learn to use the functions and features that turn a drab snapshot into a beautiful one.  We’ll focus primarily on baby and children’s photography, but the information can translate to any type of photography you’re interested in.  In my photography classes you’ll learn:

-The 3-part recipe for getting beautiful portraits every time.  Trust me, it’s not hard.
-How to get that beautiful, blurry background the professionals get.
-How to take take fantastic sports action shots
-How to compose images that are visually interesting
-How to work with children to get genuine facial expressions as opposed to the dreaded “cheese” face

Our next class is on Thursday, June 8th at 10am at Urban Chalkboard in Carmel.  To purchase tickets, click here.

Private Photography Classes
Private photography classes can be held in your home or any other place that’s convenient.
Cost is $99 per person with a minimum of 3 people, or $69 for 5 or more students.

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