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Baby Remy | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography of Remy | Indianapolis

Meet beautiful newborn Remy and her proud and delighted parents.  Remy visited me for her newborn photography session a week or two ago.  She has a beautiful head of dark, shiny hair and the biggest, most inquisitive eyes.  I just loved meeting her and photographing her family.

I asked Remy’s parents Casie and Clay to tell me a little bit about their journey to become new parents.  Here’s the story.  I hope it gives you all the feels.  It did me.  🙂

“We are Team Claysie! (Otherwise known as Clay & Casie). We first met in high school, and yes, we even went to prom together! After some on-again-off-again, we chose each other for keeps in 2004. We waited awhile before trying to start our family and then sadly, we have spent a number of years dealing with infertility. We were blessed to be able to adopt Remy and are grateful her birth parents chose us to love her forever.

Our daughter’s name is very special to us. The first three letters of her name, Remy, are the initials of Casie’s grandfather. He was her favorite human and he was actually part of the reason we ended up together forever. Casie had made a promise to her grandfather, who was a retired major in the Air Force, that she would play “Taps” on the trumpet at his funeral when he died. At the time he died, she was living several hours away from home and did not have access to her trumpet easily. Remembering that Clay also played trumpet in high school, when Casie saw him at church that weekend, she asked if he still had his trumpet and if she could borrow it. She stopped by to pick up the trumpet and we spent a little time catching up on life since we hadn’t spoke much since high school. After that reconnection, we have been together ever since. 


Remy is our first child and she has been a true joy over these last 6 weeks since she has been home. She has her moments like any newborn but overall, she has made being new parents pretty easy on us! She sleeps and eats well, giggles in her sleep and is basically adorable. We are lucky to be her parents. “


I’m so happy for you Casie and Clay!  Congratulations!


Please help Casie & Clay win a wall portrait from their newborn portrait session by leaving a kind comment on this blog post.  Thanks for visiting!  If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in the Indianapolis area, I would love to chat about a portrait session.  You can reach me through the contact button here, or call me at the studio, 317-867-3723.  Cheers!
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