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About Indianapolis Newborn Photographer Leah Severson

Hello! Welcome to my Indianapolis photography page. I’m glad you’re here! My photography clients are like family to me, so I feel like it’s only fair to get a little personal with you.

I married Todd,  an Iowa boy, 20 years ago, and after all these years he’s still the person whose company I most enjoy.   We have two daughters, Emma & Lindsay, who are old enough to tie their own shoes and brush their own teeth, but still young enough to think their mamma is cool, even though those who knew me “way back when” would probably say I never was. If you knew me “way back when,” please don’t tell them I was not cool…they’ll figure it out soon enough. (Update 2019, we’ve been married 25 years now, the kids are grown.  And they still think I’m cool.  Usually.)

In October, 2009, at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I now consider it my personal mission to encourage women to get their annual mammogram.   If I had the choice, I wouldn’t choose to go through this.  But I wouldn’t want to miss some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.  I do believe that even in this, God has a plan.

Our Westfield, Indiana Portrait Studio

In the early years of L. Severson Portraits, I ran the our Westfield portrait studio by myself.  About 8 years ago,  Todd left his job to join me in our family business.  So in all fairness, it should be called L. and T. Severson Portraits.  But he’s content to keep the name as is and play his role as a “behind the scenes” businessman.  I do all the photography, marketing, and communication with clients, while Todd handles portrait orders, is a Photoshop wizard, designs all our collages, holiday cards and keeps our books straight.  In his spare time he heads up the L. Severson Portraits golf team.

We have a sign in our studio that says “enter as strangers, leave as friends” and we mean it.  We love to watch our clients’ children grow, and see them come in year after year.  So many have become dear personal friends to us, and quite frequently a day at the studio feels more like a day hanging out with my favorite people.

We’d love to meet your family, make you part of ours, create some beautiful artwork to grace your walls and help you freeze a moment in the story of your family.


ps – if you want to know a little more about how I became and Indianapolis Newborn Photographer, you can click here.

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