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Indianapolis Newborn Photography

I have been photographing babies in Indianapolis for more than a decade now.  And I’ve been photographing babies in Indiana for an even longer time.  I remember when I got my first camera – it was a Kodak Disc Camera – remember those?  I was probably 11 or 12, and every Sunday I volunteered in our church nursery.  I would line the babies up and take picture of them, then rush to K-Mart after church to drop off the film and anxiously wait to get my printed pictures back.  There was no one-hour, in-store photo developing then.  You had to wait, and wait, and wait.  I must have driven the store workers crazy constantly calling them to ask if my pictures were ready yet.

Newborn Photography Indianapolis

As I got older, I continued taking pictures of the kids I babysat for.  It was such a fun hobby for me.  Then I got distracted by boys, college, life, and for awhile, I forgot that I was supposed to be a baby photographer.  Literally forgot.  It just dropped off my radar.  I went to college and studied journalism and worked in television news.  Then something magical happened.  I had a baby.  And all of the sudden, I could not stop taking pictures.  And this was back before digital.  So I had to buy film, and pay for the pictures to be printed and developed.  And wait. I would pose her in Anne Geddes’ style poses with wraps and bows and ribbons.  I took more than a thousand pictures – on film – during her first year.  My little hobby eventually turned into a business.  And now I’ve operated my Indianapolis-area portrait studio for nearly 15 years.

Newborn Photographer Indianapolis

I’ve seen so many beautiful newborns, giggly babies, bashful toddlers during the years as a baby photographer in Westfield.  And while I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, I’ve enjoyed most of it, and am grateful that this is where I ended up.  Please enjoy some portraits of the beautiful babies I have photographed over the years.  And if you’re having your own baby soon, I invite you to call me and chat about a portrait session for your newborn.

The majority of my newborn photography clients come from Carmel and Westfield. But I love it when people drive from all over Indianapolis to bring their babies to me to photograph. I love to photograph babies of all ages! Newborn photography can present some unique challenges, but I love it! And a cake smash photography session? It’s one of my favorite things but babies don’t always like their smash cakes and sometimes cry during their cake smash sessions.


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