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newborn doula service indianapolis carmel fishersI recently had the pleasure of meeting Indianapolis Doula Adina Nelson of Firewood Doula Services and learn a bit about her business. Adina is bringing a new concept called “Gentlebirth” to the childbirth community in Indianapolis.
Here’s what Adina says about the concept:  “GentleBirth is based on the latest brain science and incorporates mindfulness, hypnosis, sports psychology and CBT all into a program that reduces fear and prepares pregnant women for the birth of their baby.  This program gives women the tools to change their thought patterns and change their brains in relation to birth.
GentleBirth teaches pregnant women a full toolbox of comfort measures to use during chidlbirth as well as communication skills to navigate our less than perfect system.  Teaching women and their partners how to ask questions (and what questions to ask!) in order to get the best care possible for them and have a collaborative relationship with their care providers.  While GentleBirth gives women the tools they need for an all natural birth, it does not advocate for any one type of birth but rather focuses on having a positive birth as defined by the mother.  Anyone can have a GentleBirth and every birth can be a Gentlebirth.”  
Firewood Doula Services will be holding a GentleBirth meet up on March 11th and will also be holding GentleBirth workshops in the future.  Keep an eye on her blog for dates and times.  
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