Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

You’ve heard it a million times. “They grow so fast!” But it’s true. All the years just fly by, but none more quickly than the first. Your baby will change and grow so quickly those first few weeks and months. In between the diaper changes and the middle-of-the-night feedings, the memories of those early days can get lost in the busy-ness of life and parenting. That’s why it’s so important to hire a great newborn photographer who can capture all the tiny details from baby’s first days.

There is no possession I own that I treasure more than the pictures of my children. Their baby pictures bring me so much joy. I realize in those early years money can be tight. But I’ve never had a client tell me that the regret spending money on newborn photography. They truly are priceless.

What Should I Expect During My Newborn Photography Session?

Expect your newborn photography experience to be easy and relaxed. In addition to taking the absolute best photographs of your baby, my job as a newborn photographer is to also make things as simple as possible on you. The days following a birth can be a whirlwind of activity and emotions – so think of your newborn photography session as a time to slow down and savor some quiet moments with your new baby.

What Should I Wear for my Newborn Photography Session?

It can be difficult to find clothes that fit well and look good right after you’ve had your baby. But I love photographing parents with their newborns, so I encourage you to include yourself in a few of the portraits even if you feel you’re not looking your best. I photograph new families as tightly as possible, closing in on faces and keeping bodies – and midsections – out of the portraits as much as possible. I recommend you wear medium to darker tones, as darker colors hide weight. Wear simple clothing, not bright bold patterns. You don’t want your clothing competing with faces. Save the busy outfits for another day.

Long or medium sleeve clothing is generally better than short or sleeveless, as many new moms carry weight in their upper arms. Just keep the clothing solid, simple, and not too tight.

newborn baby with parents

How Should I Dress Baby for Her Newborn Photography Session?

No need to bring any clothing for your baby. I have an extensive selection of newborn hats, pants, rompers, headbands and wraps. Most of them are one-of-a-kind because I make them myself exclusively for my clients. You don’t need to bring a thing except the baby. Before your session, we’ll chat about looks and colors you prefer so that everything is ready to go when you get to the studio.

When Should I Schedule My Newborn Photography Session?

I book a limited number of newborn sessions each month and my clients typically schedule their newborn portrait sessions about 3 months in advance. If your baby is due sooner than that or is already here, don’t panic. Please give me a call and I will do my best to work him into my schedule. As soon as you have had your first appointment with your doctor and have a due date, give me a call and let’s get you on the calendar!

At What Age Do You Prefer to Photograph Newborns?

My favorite time to photograph newborns is when they are 5-21 days new. When you call, we will put a tentative date on the calendar. Then you’ll call me from the hospital once the baby arrives and we can make adjustments if necessary. Babies rarely arrive on their due date so I save plenty of wiggle room in my newborn photography schedule.

Top Ten Tips to Help Your Indianapolis Newborn Photography Session Go Smoothly

  • Newborn photography sessions can last anywhere from one to three hours. Please do not schedule any other appointments for your baby on picture day.
  • Sleepy babies are poseable babies. Before your session, give your baby a bath. This will make her comfy and wear her out. Right before you leave for the studio, feed your baby.
  • For the drive to the studio, dress your baby in a comfortable one-piece outfit that does not go over the baby’s head. Outfits that zip up the front are best.  Also, keep the diaper a little bit looser than normal.
  • Bring a Soothie brand pacifier to your session. Even if your baby does not use a pacifier, we may need to introduce one for a short period of time in order to get him to sleep deeply enough to do some of the more complicated poses.
  • Be aware that the studio will be HOT. I usually keep the studio temperature around 85 degrees during a newborn portrait session. This keeps the newborn comfortable, even if everyone else is sweating.
  • If we are doing family and sibling shots, we will do these portraits first. After we are done with the siblings, please have someone available who can take the siblings home or somewhere to play for several hours. During the newborn session, it’s important that we have a quiet, stress-free zone of peace for the baby to totally relax.
  • Please do not bring extended family members to your portrait session.
  • Prepare siblings for the portrait session by letting them hold the baby, with assistance. Make holding the baby a big deal. Get excited about it! Tell her “you get to hold the baby now” and make it a fun experience. Make it seem like a special treat. That way she’ll want to do it when you get to the studio. Maybe. Please be aware that some siblings do not find it a treat and are a bit out of sorts about this “new baby thing.” I will do everything I can to get a portrait of the siblings together, but please understand that it is not always possible to do so when you have a younger child who just isn’t cooperative.
  • Poop happens. And that is perfectly fine. Please do not worry about your little one going potty on my props during his naked shots. I’m expecting it. You should too. And everything goes in the wash after a newborn session.
  • I saved the most important instruction for last. Please bring your best energy to your portrait session. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean you need to be energetic. Let’s face it – you’re probably exhausted. What I mean is that you need to bring a calm, peaceful, positive energy to the studio. I’ve been photographing babies for 15 years. It is almost impossible to get baby into a deep, sound sleep if the parents are anxious, nervous, or angry. Take the drive over to put away any cares, any issues, any negative thoughts.

A Little Bit About Indianapolis Newborn Photographer Leah Severson

I’ve been photographing newborn babies in the Indianapolis area for more than 15 years, and believe me, it never gets old! My clients come from Zionsville, Noblesville, Westfield, Fishers, Carmel and all over Central Indiana. Most of my clients come to my Westfield portrait studio for their newborn portrait session. However, I do offer Lifestyle newborn photography for those parents who want newborn photography done in their home. You can call me at the studio to chat about scheduling a lifestyle or in-studio newborn photography session for your baby.picture of indianapolis newborn photographer leah severson

Indianapolis Maternity Photography

Most of my clients also want to capture the special ‘waiting’ time before their new baby actually arrives. I love photographing that unique glow of a mama-to-be as she is expecting and anticipating bringing a new life into the world.

Your maternity session can take place either in my studio or outdoors at my beautiful 4-acre portrait park. I typically like to schedule maternity sessions about 6 weeks before your due date. Add a mini-maternity session to your newborn session for just $279. Add a full maternity session to your newborn session for just $429.

Dad and siblings are welcome to participate in your maternity portrait session. You are welcome to wear your own clothing or borrow one of my maternity gowns for your session. As always, a clothing consultation is included.

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