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Lyra | Cake Smash Photography Indianapolis

Indianapolis Cake Smash Photographer

Meet beautiful Lyra who visited the studio recently for her first birthday cake smash session. What a gorgeous baby! Loved her pudgy cheeks and her big, bright eyes. She was absolutely delightful. That was until we brought out her birthday cake. Now I know you think that all babies love cake. But I’ve been doing cake smash photography for more than a decade and I’ll tell you there are quite a few babies who are totally uninterested in their smash cake, or worse yet – downright mad about it! They don’t like the feeling of the sticky frosting on their fingers. We had to put a few puff snacks on Lyra’s cake to get her even remotely interested. At the end of the session she was crying and trying to get away from it! But adorable – all the same!

Help Lyra’s Parents win a Cake Smash Wall Portrait

You can help Lyra’s parents win a wall portrait from their cake smash photography session. Just scroll through all of Lyra’s best cake smash photographs and when you get to the bottom of the page, drop a comment in the comments section. Easy peasy!

Schedule your Baby’s Cake Smash Photography Session

Do you have a baby who’s about to celebrate her first birthday? I’d love to chat with you about scheduling a cake smash photography session. Call my portrait studio at 317-867-3723 to set get one scheduled.

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