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Hello and welcome to my page all about NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY IN INDIANAPOLIS!  My name is Leah, and I’ve been an Indianapolis Newborn Photographer for nearly two decades.  In this post, I hope to answer all your questions about your newborn photography session.

When Should I Schedule My Newborn Photography Session?

I recommend that you schedule your session while you are still pregnant.  In fact, many people schedule their newborn photo shoot the moment they learn they are pregnant!  I book a limited number of newborn sessions each month and my clients typically schedule their sessions about 3 months in advance. When you call, we will put a tentative date on the calendar. Then you’ll call me from the hospital once the baby arrives and we can make adjustments if necessary. Babies rarely arrive on their due date so I save plenty of wiggle room in my schedule.

If your baby is due sooner than that or is already here, don’t panic. Please give me a call and I will do my best to work him into my schedule.

What Types of Newborn Photography Sessions Do You Offer?

I offer in-studio newborn portrait sessions only.  I do not currently offer Fresh 48 Newborn Photography Sessions or In-home Lifestyle Newborn Photo Sessions.NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY INDIANAPOLIS BABY EMMA

How Much do you Charge for Newborn Photography Sessions

There are a couple different options for scheduling your newborn photography session.   My mini session is great for those who want pictures of baby only or baby with parents.  The mini session is wrapped baby only.  The mini newborn photography session does not allow for shots with siblings.

The full newborn photography session is best for those who want more pictures, and for those who want pictures including siblings.  This session allows for wrapped, dressed, and undressed newborn photographs as well as photos of baby with parents and siblings.

For pricing on both mini and full newborn portrait sessions, please visit my Indianapolis Newborn Photography pricing page here.photograph of newborn with siblings in indianapolis

When Should My Newborn Photographs be Taken?

Most newborn photographers recommend that the best time to photograph your new baby is within the first two weeks of birth.  Your newborn baby is still very sleepy, very pose-able, and will tuck and curl easily into many of those adorable newborn photos parents love.  My favorite time to photograph newborns is when they are 5-14 days new.  However, if your newborn baby is older than two weeks and you still have not scheduled your newborn photography session, don’t worry!  Please call my Indianapolis-area portrait studio and we will get your newborn photography session booked right away!  317-867-3723.newborn baby archer indianapolis

How Should I Prepare for my Newborn Photography Session?

  • Newborn sessions can last anywhere from one to three hours. Please do not schedule any other appointments for your baby on picture day.
  • Sleepy babies are pose-able babies. Before your session, give your baby a bath. This will make her comfy and wear her out. Right before you leave for the studio, feed your baby.
  • For the drive to the studio, dress your baby in a comfortable one-piece outfit that does not go over the baby’s head. Also, keep the diaper a little bit looser than normal.
  • Bring a Soothie brand pacifier to your session. Even if your baby does not use a pacifier, we may need to introduce one for a short period of time in order to get him to sleep deeply enough to do some of the more complicated poses.
  • Be aware that the studio will be HOT. I usually keep the studio temperature around 85 degrees during a newborn portrait session. This keeps the newborn comfortable, even if everyone else is sweating.
  • Please bring your best energy to your portrait session. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean you need to be energetic. Let’s face it – you’re probably exhausted. What I mean is that you need to bring a calm, peaceful, positive energy to the studio. I’ve been photographing babies for 15 years. It is almost impossible to get baby into a deep, sound sleep if the parents are anxious, nervous, or angry. Take the drive over to put away any cares, any issues, any negative thoughts.

Do I Need to Bring Outfits for my Newborn Photography Session?

You don’t need to bring a thing for your newborn baby to wear.  My Indianapolis-area portrait studio is fully stocked with wraps, outfits, hats, headbands, and bonnets for your newborn.  If there is something special to your baby that you would like to include in your newborn session, feel free to bring it.  But please don’t shop for outfits for your newborn session.  I have everything you need for your newborn portrait session.

Who Should Come to the Newborn Photography Session?

The newborn photography session is an intimate session designed for baby and immediate family only.  Please do not bring aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. to your newborn photography session.  Unfortunately my portrait studio is simply not large enough to comfortably accommodate more than 2 adults during your newborn session.

If we are doing family and sibling shots during the newborn photography session, we will do these portraits first. After we are done with the siblings, please have someone available who can take them home or somewhere to play for several hours. During the newborn session, it’s important that we have a quiet, stress-free zone of peace for the baby to totally relax.photograph of newborn stretching

How Can I Prepare Siblings for the Newborn Portrait Session?

Prepare siblings for the portrait session by letting them hold the baby, with assistance. Make holding the baby a big deal. Get excited about it! Tell her “you get to hold the baby now” and make it a fun experience. Make it seem like a special treat. That way she’ll want to do it when you get to the studio. Maybe.

Please be aware that some siblings do not find it a treat and are a bit out of sorts about this “new baby thing.” I will do everything I can to get a portrait of the siblings together, but please understand that it is not always possible to do so when you have a younger child who just isn’t cooperative.newborn baby holding book

What Should Parents Wear for the Newborn Photography Session?

Parents should wear sold-colored, earth-toned outfits.  Please avoid stripes, plaids, patterns, and prints in your clothing for your newborn session.  Mom and dad’s clothing should be similar colors.  Before your session, we will chat about clothing and come up with a plan.

What Else Should I Know about my Newborn Portrait Session?

Poop happens. And that is perfectly fine. Please do not worry about your little one going potty on my props during his naked shots. I’m expecting it. You should too. And everything goes in the wash after a newborn session.  Most newborn sessions lasts

When Will I Get to See the Portraits from my Newborn Photography Session?

If you like, we can put a sneak peek image from your newborn session on Instagram and Facebook.  You’ll receive a full proofing gallery 7-10 days after your newborn portrait session.  Once you’ve selected your final images, you’ll receive the retouched, edited newborn photos in about two weeks.

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Reviews for Indianapolis Newborn Photographer Leah Severson

"Leah is an incredible photographer. Her photos really capture our newborn's personality, which we love. Will be repeat customers."

"WOWZA! I’m a Forever Fan. What a talented photographer and beautiful (inside and out) soul. Great images. Truly spectacular. A dream to work with again and again."

"Leah is phenomenal! Prior to our session we spoke about the details of what we wanted and didn’t want with our newborn photography session. I was so nervous our baby girl would be fussy and crying but she did great! The session itself was very relaxed and slow paced. Leah knew how to calm our little girl and keep her sleepy in order to catch the perfect shots. Leah has so many adorable newborn outfits and accessories to choose from so that is one less thing to worry about. My husband and I are very pleased with her work! Incredibly talented photographer!"

"Leah's work is amazing. I was nervous about my newborn waking up and crying during the process, but she has the magic touch as he slept through the entire process!"

"Leah is wonderful! She has such patience working with the babies and I am so happy with how wonderful and beautiful my daughter, Mabel, looked in her newborn photos. I will definitely stick with Leah for all of Mabel's photos in the future and she will watch her grow up through pictures. Leah has such a unique take and definitely stands out from others. I am so grateful for her talent and wonderful self."

"We used her for my daughter's newborn pictures and, now we have used her for all our family pictures. Newborn, 6 month, one year, two year/family shoots. Highly recommended"

"Leah did an amazing job working with my newborn baby, such great patience! Awesome techniques for poses and props. She makes and provides adorable outfits for the babies to wear for the photos. Highly recommend her!!!"

"Leah took my newborn daughter's pictures and they turned out beautifully! She was very gentle with her and handled her with grace. Thanks for the pictures!"

"Leah is a great photographer who captured my baby’s new born pictures and captured amazing maternity bodouir photos for me. He work is amazing and I highly recommend her. She makes you feel beautiful. "

"Leah was wonderful to work with. I had a blast doing my maternity pictures. She was so kind and patient through the newborn session with both my newborn and my 1 year old. Leah took her time to capture the best images possible and I never felt rushed. I am incredibly happy with my portraits and would use her again in the years to come."

10 Questions to Ask Your Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

  1. Do you photograph just the newborn or newborn + parents during your newborn photography session?
  2. Do you allow siblings to be included in the newborn portrait session?
  3. When do you like to photograph newborn portrait sessions?
  4. Where's the best place to have my newborn photography session done?  In studio?  Or in my home?
  5. What should I bring to my newborn photography session?
  6. Do you provide the outfits and props for my newborn photography session?
  7. How long will my newborn photography session last?
  8. How many proofs do you provide from my newborn portrait session?
  9. Can grandparents and extended family be involved in my newborn photograph session?
  10. Do you provide the digital images so I can print my own newborn photos?



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