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Getting Your Newborn Baby to Sleep for her Portrait Session

People ask me all the time, “How do you get those adorable newborn poses?” The answer? Sleep. Blessed heavenly slumber. When a newborn baby sleeps during his portrait session, posing is possible. A sleeping newborn will allow you to lay his precious fingers out flat, tuck a hand under a cheek or chin. With a wide-away newborn baby, the hands generally stay tightly clenched and lay up around the face or held tightly to his chest. There’s no posing this guy. It’s generally pretty easy to get a newborn baby to sleep for his portrait session. I always crank the heat up in the studio. The parents and I are usually sweating towards the end of the portrait session, but the baby stays nice and cozy. I also ask new parents to keep their baby awake for a couple hours before the session, then feed the baby right before the session, so he’s tired and has a full belly. Generally this, combined with the toasty temperature in the studio, will do the trick.

If you’re having a baby in 2017, I would love to chat with you about your newborn portraits. And maternity portraits for that matter. Call my Westfield Portrait Studio at 317-867-3723, or email me (Leah, your baby photographer) by using the contact button. I limit the number of newborn portrait sessions I scheduled each month, so call as soon as you can to reserve a portrait session for your new baby.photograph of newborn baby sleepingsleeping newborn baby on purple blanketbaby in basket indianapolissleeping newborn on purple blanketnewborn baby smiling in sleep in carmel, innewborn baby photography carmelbaby sleeping during portrait sessionnewborn baby sleeping on green furry blanketphotograph of newborn twin baby girls in indianapolisbaby sleeping portrait sessionnewborn baby feet indianapolis

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