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The 4 Stages of Baby’s First Year Photography | 4 months | Carmel

baby photographer, carmel indiana, After a newborn portrait session, the next stage when many parents will choose to have their baby photographed is around 4 months old. Your baby’s face has changed dramatically since the newborn portrait session. Baby photos of Alexandra in Indianapolis Physically, your baby will likely be able to hold her head up solidly when she’s lying on her belly, giving me more posing options than during the newborn portrait session. Facial expressions vary widely during a 4-month session. Your baby likely is very smiley, but quite frequently at this age, when your baby smiles, he will drop his head down or quickly stuff his fist in his mouth. Also, your baby might smile right up until the moment when I raise my camera up to my face. My face disappears, baby’s smile disappears. Even though your baby can smile, quite frequently we will get more soft, sweet baby expressions during the 4-month-old portrait session. pictures of baby Leah I try to reassure parents that even though they really really want pictures of their baby smiling, looking back at baby pictures of my own two girls, I truly appreciate the sweet, soft expressions that I captured of them during that first year. There’s one picture in particular of my oldest daughter, Emma. She was about 8 months old, shy and timid, and a bit apprehensive about the whole portrait session. At the time, I had her at one of those quick-shoot portrait studios in the mall. The photographer clicked at a moment when Emma looked like she was about to cry. Her eyes had filled with tears, and were just ready to spill over. It is one of my all-time favorite pictures of her. newborn photographer indianapolis

If you would like to schedule a baby portrait session for your baby, no matter the age, please email me. I’d love to hear from you! Cheers! If you would like more information about a newborn portrait session, please visit this post.

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