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Thank you for visiting!  I’m Leah – Indianapolis newborn photographer and owner of HomeSewn Photography Props.  I took up sewing a year or two ago to make props for my Indianapolis newborn photography studio.  I was having so much fun that I decided to sell my stuff.  Things got outta hand, I couldn’t keep up with the demand, and so I found more sewists.  HomeSewn sewists are Indiana-based moms and grandmas who sew to make extra money for their families.

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TuckWrap™,  Full Wrap Sets, and Barrel & Loop Sets

Thank you so much for your interest in TuckWraps™, Barrel & Loop Wrap Sets, and Full Wrap Sets. I realize this is a long post, but if you’re not quite sure how to use these sets or what the difference is between the two, this is the place for you!

What is a 5-Piece Full Wrap Set?

I designed the wrap set because I found that once I handed a wrapped baby over to mom, then to dad, then to siblings, the wrap would come undone.  That was frustrating.  🙁  The magic of the full wrap set is in the bow sleeve and the lace loop, which hold the wrap in place so it doesn’t come undone when you’re moving the baby around.  The set can be used without the bow layer.  The loop will hold the wrap in place.  I use the bow layer even with the boys, I just think it’s cute.  5-piece sets come with a 16″x60″ wrap, matching sleepy hat, tieback, bow sleeve and loop.  Watch this video to see how a full wrap set works.

What is a TuckWrap?

I designed TuckWraps™ because

  1. After 15 years of photographing newborn babies, I’m still not a great baby wrapper.
  2. I wanted to find  a way to get new, unique shots from a comfortable, sleepy, wrapped baby without having to unwrap the baby and potentially wake him up.

TuckWraps are designed to fold and tuck around an already-wrapped newborn.   The loop holds the wrap in place.  The loop has lace on one side and is plain on the other so you can use it for a boy or girl.  The bows that run down the front of the TuckWrap can be untied and tucked beneath baby for a simpler look.  You can also use the loop with a naked baby.  It’s adorable!   TuckWrap sets come with hat, tieback, TuckWrap and lace loop unless otherwise specified in the product description.  Watch this nifty YouTube video to see how they work.



Different ways you can use your TuckWrap™ Photography Prop

TuckWrap™ FAQs

Can I buy the TuckWrap alone?
Currently I am only selling complete sets, although that will likely change down the road.

Can I order the loop without lace for boys?
The loop has lace on one side, the other side is plain so you can use it with lace showing for girls or without lace for boys.

What’s included in a TuckWrap set?
Unless otherwise indicated in the product listing, your TuckWrap set will include the TuckWrap, matching loop with lace on one side, knotted sleepy hat, and tieback.

How long will it take for my TuckWrap to ship?
Unless otherwise indicated in the product listing, your TuckWrap will ship within 2 weeks of ordering. Even if it’s RTS, we only go to the post office once a week.

The color of the TuckWrap doesn’t match what I saw online?
Colors can vary slightly depending on the device you’re using to view. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

What is your return policy?
Our shop does not accept returns unless your product is defective, in which case the item will be replaced with the exact same item.


Barrel & Loop Wrap Set


The Barrel & Loop set is the newest wrap set in the HomeSewn shop.  The barrel goes around baby’s torso.  It can go straight across chest with arms out, kind of like a tube top.  You can also tuck arms in completely or tuck arms in but leave hands out.  It’s a very versatile wrap.  The good news is if you have either of our other wrap sets that include hat, tieback, and loop, you can just buy the barrel a la carte to use it with your other items.  The only warning is that sometimes colors might vary even if you purchase the same item in the same color at a later date as dye batches can make the fabrics slightly different from batch to batch.


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