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Indianapolis Cake Smash Photography

There’s not a better way to remember baby’s first birthday than with a smash cake portrait session.  It’s always so fun to watch how they react to those first few tastes of cake.  Who doesn’t love cake anyway?  Although, strangely, sometimes babies don’t like their cake smash cake.  Some try to get away from it, some don’t like the sticky feeling of frosting all over their hands.  Sometimes I’ll drop a Cheerio or two into the cake to encourage baby to dig in.  You just never know how they’re going to react!

Preparing for your Cake Smash Photography Session

This part is pretty easy. Just bring baby, the cake, and something for baby to wear. Then schedule your cake smash session for the time of day when baby is happiest. It’s best to just bring baby – no siblings – to your baby’s cake smash photography session. That way we can really focus on the baby and get some really wonderful cake smash photographs.

What Should Baby Wear for a Cake Smash Session?

There really are no rules. Some parents choose to dress baby in diaper cover only for first birthday cake smash pictures. Others choose outfits, and that’s fine too. Just keep in mind that whatever your baby is wearing for her cake smash session is likely to get covered in frosting. It can be quite a mess! If you’ve ordered a special outfit for your baby’s birthday celebration, it might be good to choose another outfit for the cake smash session or wait until after the baby has worn the outfit at his birthday party before you do his cake smash photography. Before we give baby her cake, I’ll take some first birthday portraits without the cake. Feel free to bring a different outfit for baby to wear for this portrait of baby’s first birthday session.

Preparing Baby for Her Cake Smash Photography Session

It’s best to let your baby have cake a couple times in the weeks leading up to her cake smash photography session. The first time baby experiences cake, they don’t really know what to do with it. And not all of the babies are happy about the way it feels on their fingers. You can increase the chances of having great cake smash photographs by giving your baby a small bit of cake on a couple occasions prior to his cake smash session. Let him taste it, feel it, play with it, and have lots of fun with it. Then when it’s time for his cake smash photographs, he’ll be ready to play and hopefully not so apprehensive.

What’s the Best Cake for a Cake Smash Session?

I prefer a double layer cake so baby does not have to bend over so far to reach it. I also prefer one that’s round and about 6 inches in diameter. No fondant frosting for the cake smash cake, and choose white cake over chocolate.


When to Schedule your Cake Smash Session

Some of my photography clients like to have their cake smash photographs back in time for baby’s first birthday so they can share the photographs at baby’s birthday party. Plan to bring your baby to my Westfield portrait studio about a month before your baby’s first birthday if you would like pictures back in time for the birthday party.  It’s best to schedule your smash cake photography session at a time of day when your baby is happiest. Make sure to avoid scheduling a cake smash session during naptime or any other time when your baby is likely to be cranky.

Where are Cake Smash Pictures Taken?

Cake smash photography sessions are taken at my Westfield portrait studio. It’s a quick drive from Indianapolis, Carmel and Zionsville, and definitely worth the drive for the best cake smash pictures. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime photo op! We can take your baby’s cake smash pictures in the studio or outdoors if you prefer.

Schedule your Indianapolis Cake Smash Photography Session

Schedule your baby’s cake smash session by contacting me at the studio. You can email me at or call my Westfield portrait studio at 317-867-3723.

Cake Smash Photographer in Carmel, IN

Of course if you live in Carmel, you’re just a quick few minutes from cake smash photography at L. Severson portraits. My studio is located at 166th and Towne Road in Westfield, which is just a few minutes from Carmel, Indiana.

Westfield Cake Smash Photography

If you live in Westfield, hello neighbor! I would love to photograph your baby’s cake smash photography session. We can do your cake smash pictures inside the studio or outdoors if you prefer.








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"Leah is an incredible photographer. Her photos really capture our newborn's personality, which we love. Will be repeat customers."

"WOWZA! I’m a Forever Fan. What a talented photographer and beautiful (inside and out) soul. Great images. Truly spectacular. A dream to work with again and again."

"Leah is phenomenal! Prior to our session we spoke about the details of what we wanted and didn’t want with our newborn photography session. I was so nervous our baby girl would be fussy and crying but she did great! The session itself was very relaxed and slow paced. Leah knew how to calm our little girl and keep her sleepy in order to catch the perfect shots. Leah has so many adorable newborn outfits and accessories to choose from so that is one less thing to worry about. My husband and I are very pleased with her work! Incredibly talented photographer!"

"Leah's work is amazing. I was nervous about my newborn waking up and crying during the process, but she has the magic touch as he slept through the entire process!"

"Leah is wonderful! She has such patience working with the babies and I am so happy with how wonderful and beautiful my daughter, Mabel, looked in her newborn photos. I will definitely stick with Leah for all of Mabel's photos in the future and she will watch her grow up through pictures. Leah has such a unique take and definitely stands out from others. I am so grateful for her talent and wonderful self."

"We used her for my daughter's newborn pictures and, now we have used her for all our family pictures. Newborn, 6 month, one year, two year/family shoots. Highly recommended"

"Leah did an amazing job working with my newborn baby, such great patience! Awesome techniques for poses and props. She makes and provides adorable outfits for the babies to wear for the photos. Highly recommend her!!!"

"Leah took my newborn daughter's pictures and they turned out beautifully! She was very gentle with her and handled her with grace. Thanks for the pictures!"

"Leah is a great photographer who captured my baby’s new born pictures and captured amazing maternity bodouir photos for me. He work is amazing and I highly recommend her. She makes you feel beautiful. "

"Leah was wonderful to work with. I had a blast doing my maternity pictures. She was so kind and patient through the newborn session with both my newborn and my 1 year old. Leah took her time to capture the best images possible and I never felt rushed. I am incredibly happy with my portraits and would use her again in the years to come."

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