Best Baby Photographer Indianapolis

Best Baby Photographer Indianapolis

If you’re looking for the best baby photographer in Indianapolis, I invite you to consider L. Severson Photography. I’ve been photographing baby pictures in Indianapolis for more than 15 years, and I would love to photograph your newborn baby! I’ve been named one of the best baby photographers in Indianapolis by the national website “Expertise.” In addition, my Indianapolis photography has been featured in the Indianapolis Star, Fox 59 News, and I’ve been a guest on WIBC to chat about preparing your family for a family photography session.

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Of course there are many wonderful baby photographers near me. I would certainly never label myself the best baby photographer in Indianapolis. But some of my clients might. Keep on reading to see what they have to say about their experience with L. Severson Photography…

“Leah was able to capture beautiful portraits of our precious new arrival! Prior to our session, Leah went above and beyond in making sure that she had a 100% understanding of our preferences. During our session, Leah was so gentle with our newborn daughter. She knew exactly what cues to look for and how she could get the perfect shot. We love that she made everything so easy – from start to finish!”

“Leah is wonderful! She has such patience working with the babies and I am so happy with how wonderful and beautiful my daughter, Mabel, looked in her newborn photos. I will definitely stick with Leah for all of Mabel’s photos in the future and she will watch her grow up through pictures. Leah has such a unique take and definitely stands out from others. I am so grateful for her talent and wonderful self.”

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“Leah Severson photographed my beautiful newborn granddaughter and her work was fabulous. My granddaughter was a little older than most newborns who are photographed because she was a preemie and we didn’t want to get her out during flu season. I was concerned that the photographer couldn’t “pose” her in the adorable poses I liked because of her age however I was super impressed. The photos were beyond my expectations. A couple of times my grandbaby would squirm and wiggle and start to whimper – Leah simply gently patted her and she went right back to sleep! Right there I knew she was more than just a baby photographer! I will be taking my grandbaby back to Leah many times in the future! Wonderful job!”

“Leah was wonderful to work with. I had a blast doing my maternity photographs. She was so kind and patient through the newborn session with both my 2 week old and my 1 year old. Leah took her time to capture the best image possible and I never felt rushed. I am incredibly happy with my photographs and would use her again in the years to come.”

“Leah is an amazing photographer! Not only in the quality of work she provides, but her communication/soft skills in working with the individuals she is photographing. In our case, she was working with our newborn son, which certainly can lead to an unpredictable session. However, Leah was excellent at keeping him comfortable, which lead to a positive session. Our only challenge out of the experience, was narrowing our list of favorite photos, since each and every photo looked amazing. I highly recommend Leah! We have since scheduled our family photos with her to be taken in a couple months. Clearly, we are looking forward to seeing Leah capture the essence of our entire family!”

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“Leah is absolutely talented and our pictures always turn out amazing. I’ve been using her for my daughter since she was a newborn. When my daughter was a newborn Leah was so patient with her and got so many great shots of her. I took my daughter back for her 1 year old pictures and once again Leah did not disappoint. Her picture turned out amazing!! It was hard for me to pick which one to use. We will definitely be using Leah again. I highly recommend her!!”

“We are so happy with our pictures from Leah!! She took our maternity and newborn photographs. The newborn pictures are wonderful, but the real accomplishment was her ability to convince our 2 year old to smile and look happy. Leah was very professional, but when we were taking pictures she would say “burp” and other classics that work wonders on a 2 year old boy. Would highly recommend and plan on calling Leah again when we do pictures next year.”

“Leah is a wonderful photographer and very accommodating! We called looking for a newborn photographer and Leah got us in. We didn’t have to worry about a thing during the session, she had all the props and accessories needed for our little baby girl. She was patient, kind and loving towards our newborn who did not want to sleep or have her picture taken. I feel like Leah went above and beyond to make sure we had some great baby photographs and we are very grateful and happy with them. Thank you L. Severson Portraits!”

“Leah does an amazing job capturing the sweetest baby pictures. She puts babies at ease and draws out constant smiles and giggles. We have used her since the birth of our daughter and will be back through high school graduation!!”

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More Praise for Indianapolis Baby Photographer Leah Severson

“Leah is hands down the greatest thing since sliced bread for newborn photography! Her work is incredible and she is so good with the babies. She photographed my 6 week old daughter Mabel and had such patience and enthusiasm with her. She is so creative and awesome and also makes little outfits which are adorable. I would definitely recommend her for photos and plan on sticking with her for a lifetime.”

“We have been going to Leah for our portraits for almost 10 years. She has done a variety of photo sessions with my family; school portraits, first communion pictures, professional head shots and family portraits. Her ability to always get an amazing picture, even when kids are being difficult, is a true gift. Leah is also incredible with our youngest daughter who has a variety of challenges. Leah is always patient and will take extra time to get the right shot! I highly recommend Leah Severson Portraits!”

“Anyone can snap a photo, but a true artist captures their subject at a deeper level – Leah is a true artist. For the past 15 years Leah has captured the unique personalities of our 3 children through the lens of her camera. The photos show how our 12 year old daughter has always loved to be in front of the camera, as we watch her grow from newborn to her preteen photo this past month. We see the spirit and spunk in our middle child mellow over the years as he grows into a young man, but that underlying, mischievous, raised eyebrow is still there beneath his stoic pose. Our oldest left for college this past week…sigh. This past year was a whirlwind, culminating in the graduation ceremonies and his open house. I displayed his portrait album full of Leah’s photos during his party. While guests looked through the album and commented on the beautiful photos, I looked through it and saw all of our memories at each stage of life.
We have cherished Leah’s photos over the years as they were taken, but now with one off to college, these photos have truly become priceless to our family.”

“Leah has taken the most beautiful pictures of my children for years now. She is always very patient and thorough to make sure she gets the absolute best shot! She will be photographing my children and my grandchildren for years to come!”
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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Newborn Photographer

If you’re looking for the best newborn photographer in Indianapolis, do your homework! Make sure you find someone who specializes in baby photography in Indianapolis. Not everyone has the training to safely and carefully handle your new baby. Make sure you ask your newborn photographer many questions before you hire someone. Here are a few questions you might want to ask before you hire a newborn photographer in Indianapolis.

-How do I prepare for my newborn portrait session?
-How long should my newborn photography session lasts?
-Do you provide outfits and props for baby portrait sessions?
-Can I have family portraits taken when I bring my baby in for newborn photographs?
-What should I wear for my newborn photography session?
-How should I dress my baby for newborn portraits?
-What do I do if my baby cries during her newborn photography session?
-When will I get to view my newborn portraits?
-Will I get digital copies of my baby photographs?
-Can I include extended family in my baby photography session?

I invite you to visit my Indianapolis Newborn Photography gallery to see pictures of the most beautiful babies around! If you are pregnant and would like to schedule a maternity portrait session or a newborn portrait session in Indianapolis, please call the studio at 317-867-3723 and we will reserve a photography session for your new wearing floral newborn wrap

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